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Professional Massage Therapy Program

Time Frame
Day: 32 Weeks (7½ Months)
Evening: 52 Weeks (12 Months)

736 Clock Hours

Dallas: 49 Quarter Credits
Arlington: 36.5 Quarter Credits
Houston: 49 Quarter Credits

Program Description:
The Professional Massage Therapy Program is a diploma program that prepares students for entry level positions and to become successful practicing bodyworkers. The Program exceeds standards set by national certification, and by most state and municipal governments for licensing.* The Professional Massage Therapy Program teaches the art and science of massage therapy, while also teaching sound business practices which prepare students for success in the marketplace.

In the Professional Massage Therapy Program, students learn light energy work as well as deep-tissue modalities, Eastern as well as Western theory and technique, and how to address specific pain and dysfunction, along with a holistic approach to health and healing. Students learn basic massage theory and technique through traditional Swedish massage. Students are taught an Eastern paradigm of body therapies which includes Shiatsu and Acupressure. Students also learn contemporary modalities such as structural bodywork, trigger-point therapy, sports massage, injury massage, and cranial sacral therapy. Integrated with the massage therapy and bodywork training are remedial exercises, passive stretching, body awareness, relaxation techniques, and body mechanics. To further support good body mechanics, students receive a course in movement for the massage therapist. In all bodywork modality classes, students are coached in the best use of their own bodies while doing the work. It is possible that a therapist can actually be energized and gain vitality as a result of the work. We endeavor to create this experience for our students.

The Texas Center for Massage Therapy not only prepares students to become proficient bodyworkers but also trains students to become successful in the marketplace, either as a sole practitioner, an independent contractor, or an employee.

As part of the Professional Massage Therapy Program curriculum, students complete a comprehensive Business & Ethics course. This course includes strategies for starting and operating a massage therapy business, presentation, advertising, résumé writing, job interviewing skills, and the integration of sound business practices with a holistic approach to health care. Students also participate in the Clinical Internship, which provides them with on-the-job training in preparation for working professionally.

Please note that students are prohibited from receiving compensation for massage therapy services prior to licensure. Students may reference rules at TAC 140.338 (k-l) and 140.300 (6) for additional information on what constitutes compensation.

Program Objectives:

  • To develop the personal and professional potential of students so they enter the field as therapists who will offer a quality of service that will be sought after by both clients and employers.
  • To train students in the theory and technique of a balanced blend of bodywork modalities and prepare them to seek gainful employment working as massage therapists or in related fields supported by the training received in school and recognized by the state including, but not limited to, the application of traditional Swedish style massage, reflexology, acupressure, shiatsu, cranial sacral therapy, clinical bodywork and other modalities taught in the program.
  • To prepare students with sufficient training in the theory and technique of massage therapy and bodywork to sit for the Massage & Bodywork Licensing Exam (MBLEx) or other state recognized licensing exam.

*Licensure Requirements subject to change. Check your local requirements.

Gainful Employment Disclosures for the Dallas Campus:
32-week Professional Massage Therapy Program
52-week Professional Massage Therapy Program

Gainful Employment Disclosures for the Houston Campus:
32-week Professional Massage Therapy Program
52-week Professional Massage Therapy Program

Gainful Employment Disclosures for the Arlington Campus:
32-week Professional Massage Therapy Program
52-week Professional Massage Therapy Program

ACCSC Annual Report Disclosures - Arlington Campus

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